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Rota Vicentina Long-Distance-Trail Rota Vicentina Trail Overview

The Rota Vicentina Trail is one of the most spectacular trails in Europe. Its also the start of the European Hiking Trail E-9, from Cabo S. Vicente all the way to Tallin in Estonia (more Info about the E-9 on http://e-9.info/Portugal/Sued).


The Rota Vicentina consists of three parts:

a) the Historical Trail a little away from the cost, between Santiago do Cacém and Cabo São Vicente

b) the Fisherman's Trail along the cost. The Trail starts near Sines. It continues to Porto Covo and Odeceixe. In 2019 it was extended all the way to Cabo S. Vicente and along the Algarve Coast to Lagos.

c) the Connection Trail between Cercal and Porto Covo. This trail connects the Historical Trail with the Fisherman Trail.


Detailled Maps of all these trails including hotel information are available at the following website:


The trail is marked all the way between Santiago do Cacém/Porto Covo to the Cap St. Vincent.

The Track of the total distance is available as gpx file:
Download gpx File

Along the Trail you have hotels, pensions and simple B&B (see List). Also there are various Taxis Companies listed.

List of the Hotels and Taxis


More Information about public transport and other topics on our Info Page.


For the Rota Vicentina Trail we book the accomodation for you and organise the luggage transfer.

More Info at: Rota Vicentina Accomodation Service


It is also possible to bike the Historical Trail of the Rota Vicentina.

The Fisherman Trail is to sandy and sometimes to steep for biking.
For more information on bike tours:


Rota Vicentina - Historical Trail Santiago to Cabo São Vicente
Number WIP Name Length
Time Difficulty
RVi-HT1 Santiago do Cacém - Vale Seco 18 6 h easy
RVi-HT2 Vale Seco - Cercal do Alentejo 23 6 h easy
RVi-HT3 Cercal do Alentejo - S. Luís 21 7 h medium
RVi-HT4 S. Luís - Odemira 25 8 h medium
RVi-HT5 Odemira - S. Teotónio 19 6 h easy
RVi-HT6 S. Teotónio - Odeceixe 17 6 h medium
RVi-HT7 Odeceixe - Aljezur 18 6 h easy
RVi-HT8a Aljezur - Arrifana 12 4 h easy
RVi-HT8b Arrifana - Carrapateira 24 7 h difficult
RVi-FW9 Carrapateira - Vila do Bispo 22 6 h easy
RVi-FW10 Vila do Bispo - Cabo São Vicente 14 4 h medium
RVi-FT_HT Connection Trail Cercal do Alentejo - Porto Covo 18 5 h easy

Rota Vicentina - Fisherman Trail Porto Covo to Odeceixe
Number WIP Name Length
Time Difficulty
RVi-FT1 Porto Covo- Vila Nova de Milfontes 20 7 h difficult
RVi-FT2 Vila Nova de Milfontes - Almograve 15 5 h medium
RVi-FT3 Almograve - Zambujeira do Mar 22 7 h medium
RVi-FT4 Zambujeira do Mar - Odeceixe 18 7 h medium
RVi-HT7a Odeceixe Beach Circuit 9 3 h easy
RVi-HT7b Amoreira Beach Circuit 6 2 h easy
RVi-HT8a Ponta da Atalaia Circuit 14 5 h difficult
RVi-HT8b Pontal da Carrapateira Circuit 10 3,5 h easy
RVi-HT10 Telheiro Beach Circuit 6 2,5 h difficult