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River Guadiana GR15 Long-Distance-Trail

The Long Distance Trail "Grande Rota de Guadiana" GR15 has a distance of 65 km and goes through the area "Baixo Guadina" in the Algarve. The trail follows more or less the River Guadiana on the portuguese side. Of course often the trail is quite a distance away from the river (see map).

The trail starts / ends in Vila Real de Sta. António and leads through Castro Marim and a few small villages like Junqueira, Azinhal, Odeleite, Foz de Odeleite. It finishes in Alcoutim, where the Via Algarviana Long-Distance-Trail GR 13 starts.


There are a total of 4 parts.

The Track of the total distance is available as kml and gpx file:
Download kml File and Download gpx File


Parts of the Long Distance Trail River Guadiana GR15
Number WIP Name Length
Time Difficulty
GR15-1 Vila Real de Sta. António - Junqueira 11.5 3 h easy
GR15-2 Junquiera - Odeleite 17.3 5 h moderate
GR15-3 Odeleite - Guerreiros do Rio 18 5 h moderate
GR15-4 Guerreiros do Rio - Alcoutim 18 5 h moderate