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Ecovia Bike- und Hiking-Trail

The Ecovia Bike- and Hiking-Trail connects the spanish Border on the Algarve with The Cap Sao Vicente. Originally planned as Bike-Trail, many parts are very beautiful to walk, especially in the Tavira area and west of Albufeira.

The Trail runs as close as possible to the coast, on small roads and dirt tracks. With a bike, the whole distance takes between 2-4 days.

Detailled Maps of all these trails are available in the Online Shop

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The trail is partially marked. In the bigger citys, a blue line on the road indicates the Ecovia.

The Track of the total distance is available as kml file:
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Sections of the Ecovia
Number WIP Name Length
Time Difficulty
Ecovia 1, 2 Vila Real de Sta. António - Tavira 28   easy
Ecovia 3 Tavira - Olhão 27   easy
Ecovia 4 Olhão - Faro 9   easy
Ecovia 5 Faro - Quarteira 25   easy
Ecovia 6 Quarteira - Albufeira 18   easy
Ecovia 7 Albufeira - Armação de Pêra 16   easy
Ecovia 8 Armação de Pêra - Lagoa 10.5   easy
Ecovia 9 Lagoa - Portimão 10   easy
Ecovia 10 Portimão - Lagos 27   easy
Ecovia 11 Lagos - Praia da Luz 3   easy
Ecovia 12 Praia da Luz - Salema 17   moderate
Ecovia 13 Salema - Vila do Bispo 11   moderate
Ecovia 14 Vila do Bispo - Cabo São Vicente 13   easy