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The "Côa Valley" Long Distance Trail
(Grande Rota de Vale do Côa (GRCV))

The long distance trail "Coa Valley" starts at the spring of the Côa River and ends at the world-famous Museum Foz Côa, the starting point for the pre-historic rock drawings along the Coa River.

The trail follows the river valley from the spring until the where this river flows into the Douro River. This region of Ease-Portugal near the spanish border is still very original and with very little development.


The trail is marked in both north-south and south-north directions. However, it is recommended to walk from south to north, following the direction of the water. The trail can be walked, bike (mountain-bike) or done on a horse.

There are two areas, at Almeida and Algrodres, where the trail splits into an eastern or a western route.

Below a list of the 11 sectors.


Total length marked: 196 km

Total length including detours due to available accomodation: 224 km

Duration: walking 11 days (between 10 and 15 days), with mountain bike: 3-6 days.

Recommended walking season: late spring and early fall.


Accomodation is often available only at locations provided by the municipality. Sleeping bags are required.


Detailed maps, scale 1:25000, are available for the full trail, including information about accommodation, sights and taxi are available in the online shop:

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The track of the full trail is available as gpx file: Download gpx File

Sectors of the "CôaValley" Long distance trail
Number WIP Name Length
Time Difficulty
GRVC-1 Côa Quelle (Fóios) - Quadrazais 25.5 6 h moderate
GRVC-2 Quadrazais - Sabugal 24.7 6 h difficult
GRVC-3 Sabugal - Rapoula do Côa 16.7 4 h moderate
GRVC-4 Rapoula do Côa - Vilar Maior 17.5 4 h moderate
GRVC-5 Vilar Maior - Castelo Mendo 21.2 5 h moderate
GRVC-6 Castelo Mendo - Vale Verde (West Trail) 25.7 6 h difficult
GRVC-6 Castelo Mendo - Almeida (East Trail) 24.6 6 h difficult
GRVC-7 Vale Verde - Quinta Nova (West Trail) 20.4 5 h moderate
GRVC-7 Almeida - Quinta Nova (East Trail) 23.9 6 h difficult
GRVC-8 Quinta Nova - Cidadelhe 25.6 7 h difficult
GRVC-9 Cidadelhe - Algodres 12.8 3 h moderate
GRVC-10 Algodres - Castelo Melhor (West Trail) 15.8 4 h moderate
GRVC-10 Algodres - Castelo Melhor (East Trail) 10.2 2 h moderate
GRVC-11 Castelo Melhor - Museum Felszeichnungen Côa 11.6 4 h moderate