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Day Hikes Alentejo - Transalentejo

The set "Transalentejo" consists of 11 different hikes. These will provide an overview of the different landscapes and areas in the Alentejo.

All maps show the exact starting point with GPS coordinates, the length and time required.


Costs Map and Track: The maps are free to download. However, we ask for a Donation of 0,50 Euro (or any higher amount!). This allows us to keep our team happy who create and update these maps.

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Day Hikes Transalentejo

NUMBER WIP Name Length Time Link
Borba-PR1 The fantastic Serra d' Ossa 17 km 6h 30m Detail
Redondo-PR4 Hermits of the Serra d' Ossa 22 km 7h Detail
Alandoral-PR3 Conquest of Terena 15 km 4h Detail
Reguengos-PR1 Writings in Stone and Lime 13 km 3h 30m Detail
Mourão-PR1 Accross the living heritage of Mourão 8,3 km 2h 30m Detail
Portel-PR1 From Amieira to Alqueva 17 km 5h Detail
Moura-PR2 Route of Água de Moura 8,5 km 2h Detail
Barrancos-PR From Serra Colorada to Cerro do Calvário 17 km 5h 30m Detail
Beja-PR1 Watermills and Fortresses of the Guadiana 15 km 4h 30m Detail
Serpa-PR1 Trail of Azenha da Ordem 13 km 3h 30m Detail
Mer-PR4 Around the "Montado" 17 km 5h Detail